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  • Horizon Medical Supply is a local, conveniently located business. This permits us to deliver medical equipment and supplies to our customers quickly.
  • The delivery service is $35.00 in 50-miles radius.This service includes initial setup of equipment and required patient’s training on how to use this equipment properly and safely.
  • After manufacturer’s warranty on equipment expires, our qualified technicians can service and repair most of the equipment we deliver. Some of repairs are covered by the Insurance companies.Our repair and maintenance rates are very reasonable and we do all the required paperwork.
  • For people with diabetes we offer a full line of diabetic shoes and individually made inserts. These inserts have Silver-coated Nylon Fiber as an Antibacterial Agent, that helps to eliminate foot blisters and infections in people with diabetes.
  • We offer a computerized foot scan and analysis with recommendation, what kind ofshoes and inserts you need to walk in comfort.
  • We offer full line of diabetic supplies: Talking Painless Blood Glucose Monitoring System with Strips and Lancets.
We offer sales as well as rentals. [img]{{media url=[/img]